“I got in a car wreck coming home from the pharmacy. After that I needed a lot of expensive medical treatment and was unable to work. I am single and my sole means of support. It was horrible. If it weren’t for Chris Pence, I’d be in collections up to my eyeballs, would not have had the excellent quality of medical care that I received and probably would have lost my house. All I was guilty of was being in the wrong place at the wrong time one night when I got in the path of a drunk driver. I had 2 surgeries and 11 months of grueling physical therapy just to be able to use my hand. Chris and his staff kept the creditors at bay, for me, until my case was settled. I cannot begin to express my deep gratitude to Chris and his staff for all that’s been done for me, and my family.”

Car Accident Client

“We have worked together on several significant cases. Highly experienced. Tremendous preparation and strategic planning. Great attorney!”

Mike Myers, Attorney

“Chris is a highly experienced personal injury lawyer who advocates for his clients with skill and dedication.”

Maria Diamond, Attorney